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Struggle-Free weight loss for Whitby Women Her stomach stuck out like she was 5 months pregnant. He hips wobbled when she walked and her thighs rubbed together so much that she wore holes in her pants every few months. She needed to lose weight…and fast. She was getting slower too. Her body couldn’t keep up […] Read More

Quick weight loss meals for the whole family. It’s too hard to get lasting weight loss when the rest of the family isn’t on board. It’s actually damn near impossible. There’s no way you will ever stick to a diet and make yourself your nasty diet meal and then cook another set of meals for […] Read More

Summer is a hard time for weight loss but a great time for CARBS. With the food, the drinks and let’s face it…carby carb carbs. The peer pressure, summer usually ends with a grand finale 5-pound weight gain (if you’re lucky). I know that you work hard and feel you need/deserve some down time. I know […] Read More

Teachers stress levels must fluctuate rapidly throughout the year. Changing your schedule has a butterfly effect on your health, and as an ambassador of wellness, I am here to make sure you are taken care of. SO…I thought of something nice 10,000 Strong could do for ALL teachers in the area. I figured we could […] Read More

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MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: KIDS NOW WELCOME AT THE MONDAY 7:30 PM CLASS.   So, my whole thing, my whole raison d’etre, is to help our entire community be healthy and happy.   And honestly, I feel that if we all had a positive history of working out and eating right as kids, we wouldn’t have to […] Read More

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