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#1 reason you eat like sheeet

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There are so many people losing weight around you….why are you not joining in?

Right now, there are about 60 people currently doing our smash weight loss program: The Hour Glass Fast.

Many of them, including myself, are on day one and so it meant that we all had to take the done-for-you grocery list and grab ourselves all the ingredients and foods from the grocery store over the weekend.

So many vegetables and fruits. So much awesome lean protein and some new herbs and spices which will tie all the recipes together.

And so, when I got up this morning to get going with all the amazing recipes and foods I was going to eat today, I was greeted by the sight of an fridge overflowing with goodness.

Each draw, shelf and rack are packed with nutrition. Everywhere you look all you can see are just really, reallllllly healthy foods.

And all that colour, all that zest, just inspire you to eat well. In fact, with no unhealthy options available to you in the house…you really can’t screw this up.

You will never eat like shit again because you didn’t buy any at the store when you were there.

And honestly, the biggest reason people eat like shit is because the house is full of crappy foods. Cupboards full of treats and chips. Freezers full of waffles and bagels.

A house full of cheap, easy and fake foods will always prevent you from eating well and losing weight.

Letting us show you exactly what to eat for the next 3 weeks, giving you the exact grocery list that you need for success and then combining this fat loss fasting plan with our HIIT workouts 3-4 times per week will ensure you ditch 10 pounds before May.

Sounds good right?

It is good. In fact, it’s fail safe.

You can start your 3 week program tomorrow by simply clicking on the link below:

Come on, strike while the iron is hot!

Misty RHN

Misty RHN
Founder of 10,000 Strong

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