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2 Fat Loss Mistakes You Are Making.

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Straight to the point:


– You FUBAR’d your weekend routine


– You have prioritized incorrectly.


I have known weekends to royally screw up clients results.

You eat so well during the week, you work out and then BOOM…

…Friday night is here.

Ahhhhh…you want to unwind, sleep in, rest and relax.

But your body actually doesn’t.

Your body loves routine. It likes to keep everything status quo.

So we you hit up your body with a few thousand more calories, unpredictable sleep patterns and no workouts…

…It get’s all up in a huff.

You retain water, you enter the next week a couple of steps behind.

You now have to get back on track ….AGAIN.

So do yourself a favour on the weekends and try and stick to your usual routine.

Sleep well, eat well and workout well.

Now, this brings us nicely to number 2….priorities.

And god knows we all have way too many.

BUT…on a Sunday afternoon, when you make the decision to watch another round of Stranger Things instead of get up and go for a run…you just prioritized Netflix over your health.

You have to make sure that you have made a plan, prioritized your workouts first and then everything else second.

I know I sounds like a boring preacher, but these are 2 things that I know screw up results…

Does it sounds familiar?

How will you make this weekend work for you?

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Talk soon

Misty “Weekend Warrior” Mozejko


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