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2 more family fitness events.

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To recap:

This weekend I bought EVERYTHING at the superstore, I went to my friends 81st birthday party, I hosted a halloween housewarming complete with  kick ass haunted basement, I ran a trick o treat 4k hike for our community AND….

…AND….welcomed a new little kitten into our lives.

On the Chaos Scale…i'd say this weekend was about a 15…

But there is a reason WHY I run around like a blue arsed fly for my business, my friends and my members…and it's because:

"There is nothing more important than your friends and family".

There really isn't.

And, I treat my business like my family and all my members like my best friends. And, we all come together for something like the Trick o Treat Trek and teach our kids how to how FUN while exercising…well, we can all make something really special happen.

And, it's events like this that stick in little brains. It's fun times with family that they will remember forever and a day.

So a massive thank you to everyone who came to the Trik o Treat Trek.

Our next 2 events are all family based so take note:

On Decmeber 15th we will have our Annual Christmas Kids Boot Camp and Party and then, the week before Christmas we will all go Christmas Carolling and Present giving at our local nursing home…

..Christmas is about people, about giving and about community…so please, join ours today and stay update to on all these amazing, family fitness events:

Hope to see you in our group!

Misty RHN

PS: if you join today, you can also take part in this weeks online nutrition challenge called Halloween Candy Carnage!!

Come on, it''s fun!


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