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$20 only goes so far….

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When I go to Payless Shoe Source and grab a pair of $20 flats, I kinda know these shoes won’t last a lifetime. I kinda know the quality is not going to be there and I kinda know they won’t be super comfy.

They’ll probably work for that one outfit I need them for and hopefully they last until I can find something better.

But I know when I buy $20 shoes, they are simply a stop gap. Something to tide me over.

And you know something, that’s the same way I feel about gyms.

You pay your $20 every 2 weeks. You go in, fanny about on some weights, pretend to understand the machines, roll your eyes at the kids taking selfies and maybe die of boredom on the treadmill for a bit. You take your shower (with your flip flops on because EWWW, you know someone peed on that floor) and then you dry your hair. An hour and a half goes by and you are just about ready to leave…and with a heavy heart, you know you have to come back again in a couple of days and complete that uninspiring, unplanned and practically useless routine all over again.

Trust me I know. I have been there. It’s the hamster wheel of workouts.

I also know that you step on that stupid know, the one you have to move the little weight blocks across the top until the arm stops dead centre. I know that the scale doesn’t go down as fast as you want…or like.

Maybe it hasn’t budged at all in the past 3 months.

But, it’s ok because you only pay $20. Therefore, you only get $20 worth of results. No harm, no foul.

And so, when people find out that my nutrition and training studio averages $150 a month…most people have a shit fit. I’ve had many an awkward silence to contend with in my time…i’m quite used to it.

But see, if you ONLY want $20 results, then stick with the gym. If, however, you are sick and tired of not losing weight, then maybe you should try $150 results.

Your $150 at my studio gets you a personal trainer at every session. Your $150 gets you your own nutritionist to work on your meal plans. Your $150 gets you unlimited classes, unlimited motivation and unlimited laughs.

And yes, I get that $150 is 5 times more expensive, but when you get 100 times better results…then you begin to see it’s worth.

I know, you are probably still skeptical. That’s why I think you should come in for a 2 week test drive. See if I am wrong, see if the program is actually worth it’s weight in gold.

During your 2 weeks you will have access to over 40 group training sessions, a goal setting meeting, a body composition and our state of the art body tracking software. You’ll meet our trainers and our friendly members. If you are lucky, you’ll meet our therapy dog Jasmine.

It’s $29 for a test drive of our unlimited training sessions…just go here and you can book in for a meet and greet:

I know I sound all high and mighty and probably a little big headed…but that’s only because I believe in our program so much 🙂

Talk soon
Misty “talks a big game” Mozejko


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