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Ahhhhh, I truly believe Winter is behind us. The last snow storm is done and we can really start to look forward to Canadian Summers by the lake.

Lazy weekends at the cottage, camping with friends and for me, floating in Georgian Bay on my boat.

I’m actually too scared to drive most likely I’ll just hang out in my slip and pretend I’m going to take her out later… I’ll wave beartily at my nautical friends and then hide below deck with my lap top 😉

Anyway, with Spring and Summer coming it means there will be LESS clothes and MORE skin. We swap our big wooly sweaters for tiny tank tops and what we once could hide, we now cannot…

…and you know, no matter what size you are, feeling self-conscious about your body is the worst part of Summer. Pulling your shorts down over your thighs and tugging at your tee shirt so it stops clinging to your stomach makes you feel more blobby than ever.

But we can fix the blob you know!

You are NOT destined to be the girl who wears her shorts and T shirt into the lake because a swimsuit is too unbearable. You don’t have to berate yourself for your weight and physique while you lounge by the pool…

No, this Summer you can be proud.

This Summer you can be the woman that flaunts her body with pride…


Well, it all starts with taking this revolutionary fat loss short cut called:

The 10,000 Rep Team Challenge at 10,000 Strong Boot Camp.

This 21 day program gives you 120 in-studio work outs to choose from as well as a done for your daily meal plan.

All you gotta do is listen and learn… You’ll be lean in no time.

More info is here, just remember, we need teams of three for this to work:

Can’t wait to see you for this laser focused fat burning program!

Talk soon

Misty RHN

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