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[24 hours left] Your Stay At Home Fat Loss Plan

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It’s chilly out. Like “dark side of the moon” chilly.

-40 with the windchill? Why do we live here?

I have noticed a disturbing trend too…as the numbers drop on the thermometer, the numbers plummet at the studio!!! Only a few brave souls faced their frigid cars yesterday for Coach Andrews Sunday 1percenters class.

So, I know we all tend to hibernate in Winter. I know we tend to avoid the cold. I mean, isn’t it easier to to grab your boyfriends big old hoodie and curl up on the couch?

Isn’t it easier to cuddle into your covers a little deeper and throw at that extra sugar into a steamy cup of Sunday coffee?

Isn’t it easier to just buy dinner than wrestle with 15 grocery bags as the arctic wind whistles by?

Well yeh, all those things are easier AND they are also loaded with carbs, which is naturally something our body craves in the cold months (back in the day, meat was scarce during Winter and we needed more energy to fight the cold…our bodies are hardwired to want more carbs during colder times).

And, the problem is, we kicked off the carbs back on Halloween, we continued through with the Baileys and Turtles over Christmas, we drank it up on New Years and now here we are. 1 day after choco-gedden and well…”houston, we have a problem”.

But, I think I have a cunning plan. A plan that will kill 2 birds with one stone. A plan which means you can continue your Winter Hibernation Ritual BUT burn tonnes of fat and shed mega inches before the weather turns…actually…we can do all this in under 3 weeks.

With the launch of 10000 Strong: A Nutrition and Fitness Revolution here in Whitby, I am now able to share all my world famous nutrition programs. We are kicking on the online store with our most popular program: Juice This, Eat That.

This 19 day cleanse has provided our members at the boot camp the MOST amount of fat loss in the least amount of time and we all know that weight loss is 70% food 🙂

Look, I have written all the details in this link here, so please, jump on over and have a look. There is only 24 hours left to grab this nutrition program for $19. Then I raise the price.

Have a peek and get your copy while it’s still on sale.

Talk soon

Misty “no more hiding” Mozejko


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