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3 biggest reasons you DON’T come.

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There only a few reasons why people skip out on Boot Camp…

1 – You are not willing to invest in your own health.
This investment is an absolute pittance when compared to the outcomes.

2- You are intimidated by group fitness and the instructors.
This one is just 100% BS. Our small groups and caring instructors work along side our amazing members to make you feel absolutely welcome and at home.

3 – Your schedule is nuts.
We have over 30 classes a week for you to come to.
You can come as many times as you like, whenever suits your schedule.
Seriously…if your schedule is that crazy that you can’t do 3, 30 minutes classes, then we need to find you some help!

Oh yeh, and the final one….scared of commitment.

So many people just won’t commit 12 months of their life to getting fit and healthy.

Truth is, that’s goes like a blink of an eye.

But, to some, it’s feels like way too long.

And if this person is you, I urge you to look at our 8 week Summer Bogo.

Buy July, and I’ll give you August for free.


Because I want you to see just how much you can accomplish in 8 weeks.

You will be floored by how good you feel.

More info on the bad for business BOGO can be read here…you can also sign up for the pre-registration group too:

See you soon my little Bogo Bunny

Misty “Buff Bogo Bod” Mozejko

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You could drink coolers by the lake all Summer and get flabby, or you can workout together and get fit.

Choices, choices.

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