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3 coolers too many? we gotchu boo.

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It’s Friiiiday folks….isn’t that special?

Another weekend is upon us, and honestly, now that the temperatures are climbing, weekends are becoming so much more fun!

I have my Son’s 10th Birthday party to host tomorrow and so I have been on the prowl for all sorts of goodies. I even ran up to Hy Hope farm on Lakeridge to get some yummy cookies and butter tarts for the kids to snack on tomorrow…

Yeh…even nutritionist’s know how to party.

Anyway, it’s funny how life works out…just yesterday I did an interview with Readers Digest and the topic they were covering is how to avoid eating everything in sight while at parties or get togethers. How does one manage to side step and deny all that fresh farm baking and remain resilient against those super yummy carbs?

When you say NO to every yummy thing at the party, you soon begin to feel like a big grinch and a total party pooper. It’s not fun to slowly munch on celery sticks while those double chocolate cookies are calling your name…so what’s a girl to do?

Well, you pick your ABC’s and your ignore your XYZ’s.

What this means is, pick out three things you will enjoy that are NOT on your diet plan. So for me, it will be a glass of wine, a cookie and some freshly baked bread.

Then, you pick the other things you will ignore, which for me will be ice cream cake, candy and salty snacks.

The reasoning is this…my ABC’s are things I enjoy and would be annoyed to miss at my son’s party. But the XYZ’s are totally things I can live with out. I mean I could nibble on a bowl of Chicago Style popcorn…but it wouldn’t bother me to miss it. I could eat the ice cream cake…but it’s not my favourite thing so why bother….

Set your food priorities and stick to them. This way you will won’t feel so deprived and you’ll be less tempted to dive head first into a New York Cheese Cake.

The same thing applies for Mothers Day dinners, weekend get aways to the cottage and of course those birthday events you have coming up this Spring.

Naturally, ensuring your have your daily 30 minute sweat fest at boot camp is also going give you a little more wiggle room. Each session will give you that metabolic burn that will ensure you burn MORE calories for the next 24 hours than any other workout around.

So, your consistent high intensity training at boot camp will not only create sexy muscle and tonnes of energy…it will be your saving grace this Summer if you accidentally drank 3 too many coolers.

You can join us now for a 2 week test drive…pop over here to read more:

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