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So I was driving through Brooklin on Friday, I was headed down to the studio, when the driver of the SUV in front of me suddenly shot her arm out of the window and proudly waved her 1 liter bottle of green Chlorophyll water so I could see it.

Turns out the driver of the car was no other than our new Weight Loss Coach and Personal Trainer Courtney.

She has been a long standing member at boot camp and is currently making her way through our Online Water Challenge whereby you must drink 3 L of water per day. You can Flavour the water with fruits, veg or (as many of us do) Chlorophyll.

Anyway, these online nutrition challenges take place inside our private Facebook Group and as long as you are in there, you are welcome to join in! 

If you join us today you can get a sneak peek of the water challenge and get ready for the October online challenge too 🙂

These challenges are designed to enhance one single facet of your health so together we can slowly build layer after layer of great nutrition habits.

And, because they are done in a group setting you will not only have massive accountability to help you stick it out, but you'll have tonnes of motivation and recipe ideas to try out too.

If all this sounds awesome then please, join us here:

See you in there and get ready! October's challenge is just around the corner!

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