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30 mins a day keeps Dr Bernstein Away

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Should you workout every dam day? Should you try?

I know I know, theres these things called rest days right? The days that you take off to let your muscles rest and recover?

Yeh I heard of these things.

The thing is tho…your body wants to be active every day. I loves to move, and sweat and expend energy. It’s what we were made to do.

Moving every day helps your immune system get rid of cooties and it ensures your digestive system stays on top of it’s poop game.

Of course, working out every day will help you lose more weight and build more muscle faster which is probably every woman over 30’s dream…

But is working out every day sustainable?

Most personal trainers will say NO. Most personal trainers will start blasting you with how you’ll suffer from over training and burn out.

But get this:

10,000 Strong is NOT about killing you with every workout.

We are NOT here to drag you by the hair through a 2 hour workout that consists of the heaviest weights your spine can handle.


We are the polar opposite and instead of focusing on crushing your PB and your knees, we decided to take the “fitness lifestyle approach”.

We took the “little and often approach”.

We took the “30 minutes a day keeps Dr Bernstein Away” Plan.

My goal for 10,000 Strong is to help you create a lifestyle of health that you will sustain for years to come.

Our 30 minute workouts are available every single day of the week and many different times of day.

Our nutritionist will sort out your meal plans, your weight loss tracking on our app and of course backfilll in all those essential vitamin deficiencies you surely suffer from.

Now, I have the two week test drive option for you here today which will get you started on Monday. And we all know theres know better day to start than a Monday:

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Misty RHN
Founder of 10,000 Strong

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