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4 health hacks you can steal.

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Here is the perfect example of our boot campers telling Coach Andrew about all the little things they do every day to ensure they stay healthy…can you swipe some of these and replicate?

Katherine is a long time member as well as 10,000 Strong Ambassador and she says:

“Today I ate a healthy breakfast, packed a healthy snack and lunch to take with me on a class trip, when I could have easily bought my lunch there. I will be walking around all day, and be in for the 7:20 Bootcamp class.”

Shashela, who is also a long time member told us:

“Sunday’s “killer” workouts were great! I’m still doing my ginger shots. I will be at the studio tomorrow for the 5:30am class, I plan to do it this week and tomorrow is a good day to start the early bird class why wait for Monday I slept through it this week Lol. I also have healthy meals today.”

Gina, another member and Ambassador told us:

“Still going strong with the juicing and workouts , but one always needs inspiration, and it’s nice to know that our bootcamp family has it close to home .”

Coach Kelly chimed in and wrote:

“Trying for a better version of me today too – I made it to the 5:30 am class this morning, even though I was up in the night with my DS over the last two nights. I packed myself a healthy breakfast, lunch AND snacks…AND…I didn’t go to Bulk Barn at lunch 🙂 Go team!!!!”

So you see, these members are making little changes every day. They do boot camp, they pack good food and they get by with a little help from their boot camp friends.

You know, boot camp isn’t full of scary looking, muscle bound fitness freakazoids…

Nope, just people like you and me.

Looking for an ounce of motivation to keep them plugging away at their healthy lifestyle one step at a time.

Summer is the perfect time to get on board too. All the fresh fruits and vegetables will make eating healthy a breeze and of course you’ll be looking for interesting ways to hydrate your body and all those new muscles.

So if you think you can align yourself with some 30 minutes workouts and of course a couple of new food ideas AND you feel like saving 50% on your Summer membership…

then grab your Summer 2016 BOGO membership at boot camp.

More information is in the link:

BOGO pricing is over tomorrow BTW which means the BOGO will be gone for another year.

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