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4 lbs in 4 days with this NEW program.

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Don’t you want the chance to give our MOST successful weight loss challenge a try? Sure ya do and so I have decided to open up our Hour Glass Fast program on an ongoing basis to all new faces.

You see, in order to really lose weight, rid your self of stubborn belly fat and cut out the incessant sugar cravings you MUST do exercise and nutrition at the SAME time.

You can’t simply workout and hope you’ll lose weight by eating carbs and cake all day while in the same vein, you can’t just eat well and hope to tighten up those bingo wings. gotta do the two together and well, in order to stay motivated you gotta see results fast…which is why I am begging you to try this 3 week intro program.

I'm not just blowing glitter up your ass. This challenge really works….Beth said:

“Day 4 and down 4lbs already! I have to say though, I'm loving this meal plan. The food is delicious so far! I love having my meals planned out too. I can really see how this benefits and how not planning my meals is when I end up eating less healthy. “

And then Shanai chimed in with:

“My scale shows 11 lbs lost so far! 🙂 and I'm so enjoying this challenge!! I find the fasting days a little challenging near the end of the day for me, but it's fine I find them totally doable! Especially if you have that goal at the end!… Whatever that may be!  And I'm just appreciative of not only the opportunity to follow this great healthy plan, but the timing was perfect for me!!! I needed that kick in the butt!! :)”

Look, there is a reason I am making this program the flagship entry program to 10,000 Strong…it’s because this meal plan combined with our HIIT workouts have honestly been THE MOST EFFECTIVE plan we have ever done in the 10 years I have been in business.

No bullshit.

And so, because our members took to this program so well, I am opening this up on an ongoing basis to everyone who reads my emails. You can start now or next week and jump on the Hour Glass Train.

Summer is coming and god knows we don’t want to be shrouded in sweaters and shawls when the sun comes so if you quickly jump into this 3 week fat burn program you’ll be well on your way to feeling better,

Start today and be done by May 🙂

Register here:

Ok, lets do this. Your time is now 🙂

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong

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