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5 months pregnant or bloated?

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Ever looked down and thought OMG…I’m pregnant?

And then you realize that you are either:

  1. A man
  2. So bloated that you are seriously considering buy stocks in Spanx

So hmm..probably not expecting.

AHA! You must be: BLOATED

So…what is bloating?

Where does it come from and why can it change our skinny jeans into muffin casings?

Bloating is a by product of digestion.

As we eat, food passes from our stomach, to the small intestine and through to the large intestines and then out the back door.

At every stage there are enzymes, bacteria and acids breaking down, processing and digesting the foods.

However, if you are dehydrated, have low stomach acid, don’t work out, or eat to many fake sugars and processed foods, the body has a much harder time.

More gas is created as the body tries to break down these foods and all of a sudden, you have a burger baby bump.

Crappy foods and no exercise disrupt the bacteria in our gut. These bacteria as essential for gut health and gut efficiency.

If we populate the gut with more GOOD bacteria, then we can help reduce boating and increase absorption and digestion of foods.

Now, before you rush out and start buying barrels of Activia, let’s look at some more effective options:


[+] Probitotics. Always a great solution and easy to take. I like the Genestra brand personally. Take daily, as directed on the bottle.


[+] Keifer. This yoghurt type drink is high in probiotics and helps the digestion of lactose. It will kill of bad bacteria like Candida and replace with good.


[+] Kombucha. This fermented tea contains loads of healthy gut bacteria. Talk to Coach Natalie if you have questions as she is our resident expert on Kombucha.


My personal recommendation is HMF Forte by Genestra.


Total kick ass probiotic. 


So, if you are bloated…invest in a good probitotic.

Oh yeh..and come workout. No seriously….the muscle contractions throughout the entire body help you eliminate toxins which in turn create bloating. Sweating daily actually regulates hydration so you don't blow up like a balloon. Plus, the core muscles your build will zip up your stomach like a corset…I dare bloat to even TRY attack you ever again!

You can try a de-bloating 2 weeks for just $29. But, you gotta register here:

You'll be flatter and leaner and feel tighter in just 2 weeks. Promise.

Talk soon

Misty RHN
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