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$500 Christmas Present From Misty

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I love to give stuff away…I do.

Call me a sentimental old fool but being the giver and not the taker is kind of a way of life for me.

And today, while you quaff wine and scoff Turkey, I have been busy working behind the scenes to get you ready a nice Christmas surprise.

Now, honestly, many people won’t be wanting this discount today, after all Christmas Day isn’t exactly a day renowned for spending more money…

But for those who know a good deal when it comes up, and still have a credit card with a heart beat…this one is for you.

As I explained earlier, our 6 month membership is $997, which already saves you $400 on the month by month pricing and today only…I am chopping off another $100.

How better could I wish you a Merry 2015 Christmas, than a $500 discount…

And…if you happen to jump on this today, you’ll also get the most talked about detox program, The 19 Day Detox, for free…

which saves you another $97 🙂


Anyway, if you have a second, here’s the Pay Pal link…just sit tight until tomorrow where I am get you all sorted out with a welcome email.

Oh yeh, your 6 months starts Jan 2nd.

Oooooh and…we now have over 40 classes every week, including Sundays now, on the schedule starting at 5:30am thru till 8pm at night 🙂

Ok ok, here’s that link:

Last reminder goes out tonight and then it’s over,

Do not ask for an extension, it won’t be approved.

Misty “her heart is full of unwashed socks” Mozejko

P.S. Here’s a valuable surprise bonus “goodie” for you

A lot of my readers have been asking me if there is Facebook Group that we all hang out in and well, guess what?

There totally is. My members, my trainers and anyone interested in finding out more about our fitness revolution can join.

You can post questions, download content (we’ll be adding stuff periodically), answer questions, network, get motivated, rub shoulders (virtually) and make workout deals, or just lurk.

Same rules as any forum type apply.

Don’t go spamming or making offers or whatever.

(Anyone who does is immediately banned).

Anyway, here’s where to join:

(You’ll need a Facebook account.)

See ya on the other side…

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