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$7: fat burning, detoxing, 6 week family plans.

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Alright, I’m shuttin’ her down.

Time to put this $7 Flash Sale to bed…. It’s was fun and a lovely way to celebrate the long weekend, but all stupidly priced sales must come to an end.

Since Friday we have sold hundreds of books. Which means hundreds of families have been helped. Which is, truly and honestly, my goal.

You see, you matter to me.

And yes, we might not have met face to face and indeed, we may never meet, but…

You matter to me.

Your health and the health of your family is important to this nutritionist over here and not for any shallow financial gain either.

It matters because when you decide to take back your health and make a stand against the money grabbing weight loss industry, it means we stand united.

Together we can turn the tides. We can promote whole foods and organic trade. We can lessen the grip that Big Pharma has on our wallets.

If I show you a better way, and you love it, then we win the fight.

So every time you stand up and choose a whole foods way of life, when you download a meal
plan or join our holistic boot camp… I applaud you.

Not only will your health, your weight and your entire family benefit from following one of the $7 meal
plans BUT we get to fight the good fight and prove that healthy lean bodies are achieved by putting more of the good stuff in and not thru chemicals and deprivation.

So join the revolution today and grab a nutritionist developed meal for just $7 while you can.

From fat burning plans, to detoxes to 6 week family programs, the store has it all:

Go browse a while

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