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A big dose of IDGAF

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Oh my god. I just let over 2000 people see my boobs…. 


OK, it wasn’t a disastrous wardrobe malfunction or full on nip slip…it was actually only my cleavage and while my boobs are actually really small, for some reason, my cleavage was rather tremendous as I shot a teaching video for my copy writing business.

Now, growing up obese, I have always been very very self-conscious. Always sucking in, always standing a certain way and always ensuring I had the best angles so I could try to look slimmer, smaller and draw ZERO attention to myself.

I wanted to fade into the background because I felt like an ugly whale that no-one would ever want to give a second look to…

But, I guess with a little bit of maturity, 10 years of nutrition and fitness training and of course a big dose of IDGAF…

…I let the cleavage video air to an audience of sexually overt, provocative and sharp tongued men and women.

At one point in my life I would have shot that video 20 times in order to look skinnier, show less boobs, sounds smarter and look less haggard.

And, today I let er rip, tits and all, after one shoot.

The point of all of this is that I want you to build your self-confidence levels through nutrition and working out.

I want you to look at yourself and be proud rather than filled with hatred. I want you to be able to face the world and just be you. Glorious you.

Now, when you start feeling fitter and less bloated obviously this targets your aesthetic. You simply *look better*.

…and that’s cool.

But i’m not reaaaaaaaaallllly focused on JUST how you look. I’m actually way more interested in how you feel.

You see, with physical strength comes confidence. A confidence that will light up a room.

With good nutrition comes energy. An energy that is infectious.

With a new fitness family come self-worth. A self-worth that makes people gravitate towards you.

And this are the things 10,000 Strong focuses on. Sure you’re workouts will be challenging and sweaty, and yes, you’ll have some FTS moments with your new meal plans…

…but every day you’ll feel just a little bit better.

…every day you’ll get a little more confident…

and every day you’ll get closer to letting the world goggle at your boobs.

Come get a massive dose of “YEAAAAAAHHHHH BYTCCHHESSSS” and grab a 2 week test drive today. Once you have made the purchase, i’ll reach out for a chat.

Here ya go:

Until tomorrow folks.

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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