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A bottle of wine every 43 hours makes you lose weight.

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Coffee helps you lose weight.

Chocolate helps you lose weight.

Pills help you lose weight.

Injections help you lose weight….

FECK IT….everything bad for you has a study to show it can help you lose weight.

YAY…pass me the S’mores Frappacino.

The trouble is that we want to believe it so much.

We want to believe that the stuff we love really isn’t that bad for us.

But it is….unless you have it as a treat.

God knows I love a vintage bottle of wine.

But I can’t have it every weekend.

I loooooove me some coffee, but it’s bad for my adrenals, so i’ll have a half/caf once in a while.

See, the Whitby Boot Camp life is not about complete deprivation…

no no…that wouldn;t work.

The Whitby Boot Camp lifestyle is about not relying on cheap fads, eating right and working out.

Every day.

Members swear by the nutrition program and the 30 minute sessions.

Member Katherine is featured in our advertising right now and she is a true example of how starting your journey lead to great things.

She is now our “Plank Like A Girl” model :0)

You can do this.

You can have a lifestyle of fitness.

I promise you it’s all yours for the taking.

Hope to talk to you about YOUR membership soon.

Misty “Got Wine?” Mozejko

PS: Go here to get started on your first 2 weeks. You will see how we do things here and get hooked on your new fit and fab lifestyle.

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