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A century of fitness explained

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It’s 1952. You and some girl friends are taking a fitness class at the local church. Your modest workout suit allows for movement of the legs and arms. The goal of this class is to remain feminine with a small waist and delicate features. 

Cue Midwife Valerie:

“Now then ladies! Calm down and stop twittering. You are here stay healthy so please, let’s have a level of decorum.

Your duty as a woman is to remain flawless in every way. Stay trim for your husband. Work on nipping in your waist and lengthening those legs.

Your strict adherence to calorie depletion, smoking and a weekly fitness regime will ensure you keep yourself slim and slender and will ensure your man’s eyes never wander!”

Fast forward to the 80’s where we see the high cut leotards, the shiny leggings and wooly leg warmers and a Fitness Kitten called Donna who says:

“Now ladies listen. The ONLY way you can going to keep your flat stomach and perky boobs is with constant cardio and absolutely zero fat in your diet.

Opt for high impact dance aerobics and choose the fat free options at all time.

Your goal is to eat as little calories as possible so removing all the fat will help and then on top of that, we are going burn off as many calories as we can with hours of cardio.

Weighing yourself every day is a vital component to staying on track so put the scale somewhere you can see it.”

Fast forward again to August 2016, the 10,000 Strong Fitness Revolution studios where Misty RHN is explaining real health:

Ok look.

I’m sorry for all the lies you have been told over the years.

I’m sorry that you were told that the scale matters more than your happiness.

I’m sorry that you were led to believe that calorie depletion is the key to losing weight and that a flat stomach is created with cardio.

I’m sorry that you have had these lies pumped into you for decades.

And so, I am here to tell you that there is something way more effective than cardio, something easier that calorie restriction and something more worthwhile than working out to attract the opposite sex…

You know what that is?

It’s your happiness.

If we work together to get you a fitness and nutrition program figured out that makes you happy and whole….you can have ANY end result you want include a flat tummy and perky boobs if you so wish.

But now that the fitness industry has grown up a little bit, we can shift our goal posts. We can stop idolizing Twiggy, Barbie and Pamela Anderson.

We can set our sights on ourselves and what we want for our bodies.

Say goodbye to the stereo types of yesterday and starting creating your own unique and personalized health program with the 10,000 Strong vision.



Ok, so I know I have a flair for the dramatic and I know that this is not your typical email..BUT the above is true.

10,000 Strong has a grown up vision of fitness and health. We are not some gym packed full of 20 year olds with ab’s that have been spray painted

No. 10,000 Strong is a place for those who are sick and tired of the churn and burn fitness studios and who need something a little more real.

Which is why we offer a 2 week test drive. So you can see that we are wise, mature and honest when it comes to your fitness journey.

NO wooly leg warmers here either.

If you want to come and try out something a little different, a little more down to earth and a lot more fun simply grab a 2 week test drive and try us out: is your Fall. Make it count.

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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