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A Cyber Secksy Sale ($7 books)

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Truth be told, I had never even heard of Cyber Monday until a couple of years ago…I guess the online world needed their slice of the Black Friday Sale crazy pie.

In fact, Cyber Monday has only been around 11 years but is now the biggest online shopping day of the year.

And so, in honour of this somewhat new tradition, I have put all my meal plans and diet books on sale….some of the books are 90% off.

There are some really hefty 6 week, 100% done for you, just eat what you are told meal plans….

..and then there are some not so all encompassing 7 day meal plans to give you a quick refocus and kick in the butt.

Personally I would go for the big ass Calories and Crunches meal plan…I sell that one for around $47 bucks usually and today, it's on sale for just $7.

I would probably also scoop up a few different books while you can…that way you can spend the next few weeks NOT thinking about food and actually losing weight before the big day.

Our meal plans by the way are delicious. They are nutritionist developed but NOT your typical chicken and sweet potato menu plan.

You'll be making easy recipes, using normal healthy foods that the entire family will enjoy. 

Ok look, i'll leave you to go have a peek….It's early and the kitten is trying to single handedly rip down the tree while I corral my 11 year old son (who thinks he's a 15 already) off to school without losing my shit so early in the week.

Go check all the goodies here:

later gater!

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