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A Few Good Women.

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Good morning sunshine! How did you sleep?

It’s just Misty here with a double dose of Long Weekend inspiration.

I wanted to share two things with you, 2 experiences from 2 totally different people. I can BET you will connect with these stories. I can also BET you would want to feel the same way. 

One person is a long term member and one person is brand new to the studio.

Ok, so lets start with Angela, a brand new face to the studio. She was looking for a fresh start, a studio to re-motivate her and a fitness community that she could fall in love with. Here is what she said about 10,000 Strong:

“My mojo is back when it comes to working out and eating well and I'm sooo excited about it.

I joined the 10,000 Strong Boot Camp: A Nutrition and Fitness Revolution I talked about a few weeks ago and it's been just as incredible as I hoped it would be. I don't even know where to BEGIN with all the awesome things about it.

For one I do love getting out to workout but only because it's FAST. I can literally leave my house 10 minutes before the session starts and be there on time it's so close. Then it's only a half out and I'm gone.

I've been PUSHED to workout so much harder than I ever have before and it feels GREAT.

I've gotten some nutritional advice that I've never had before and never knew about. I'm learning so much and growing fast (in my knowledge).

I know there is the newness excitement of it all but I feel this is different. This is a community. This is a place to make friends. This is a place to learn and grow. I cried when I read the facebook ad because it just felt like the thing I'd be looking for for years, and it found me, or I should say Teresa Misty Rhn found me. I hope Misty doesn't get sick of me tagging her in posts because I think I'm going to be ranting on this place for a good while to come lol.

The trainers teaching the classes are like no others I've taken (and I haven't taken many but they seem especially awesome).”

OK, and now we have something from a long term member Sandra who emailed 7 days into our September nutrition program:

“I wanted to share my win this weekend with you. First off I am down 8 pounds and my stomach is definitely flatter and happier for sure but the biggest win for me was having to go out for dinner and drinks on Saturday and doing an escape room for my friend b-day and completely staying on track!! 

We went for dinner at 5pm so of course I had my juice before going into the restaurant so while we were there I drank my water while sitting watching my husband and 2 friends eat dinner consisting of a hamburger, pulled pork sandwich and ribs. The whole time there not once did I crave or want what they were having. I sat and had my water realizing the will power of my self and the power of detoxing and just how good it made me feel. 

Later that night we ended up at a karaoke bar and again while they were all drinking I was having my water. Most would think what will power  I must have, but to be honest not once did I think oh I want to eat what they are  having or did I want to have a drink. There was no cravings and there was no hangover either. Lol. 

So thank you for all you have done and for just being you. My journey over the last year at 10,000 strong has kept me accountable and I look forward to continuing my journey with all of you.”

So you see…

It’s not about starting the new craze, the next breakthrough or trying every single studio under the sun.

It’s about coming to 10,000 Strong and understanding that whether you are new or old, our job is to CONSTANTLY provide you with new experiences that will force your body to change.

NO plateaus.

Never, ever again.

So, while Sales are not “my thing”, I am offering a $400 discount on our 6 month program. It’s a huge savings but you only have until this evening to grab it. 

If you are looking for a short term program that will once and for all get your to your goals….the quickly grab one of the last 3 remaining sale memberships:

So, there you have it. 2 women, 2 experiences, 2 very positive outcomes.


Misty Rhn

10,000 Strong

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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