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A Goldmine of Disgust

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Ever had those people who just cannot be happy for you?

No matter what, they always have something negative to say?

And God forbid you talk about fitness, eating clean or how your last workout kicked your ass….GOD NO, that will send them into a complete tirade about how working out *that hard* isn’t good for your body…

…or maybe drinking *that* much water is bad for your system.

…or that being *obsessed* with working out isn’t healthy.

…or that they would rather spend time with their kids than at the gym.

and they could go on for day’s if you let them.

But all they are doing is making a nice big juicy list of reasons why they don’t want to workout.

They are justifying to themselves and to you, THEIR reasons for being lazy.

And after all, misery LOVES company. They are rooting for you to agree with them. They are aching for you to breakdown and eat that extra bowl of ice-cream…why? Because then, they win. They were right. In their head, if even the fitness freak will eat another bowl of ice cream, then it’s must be ok for them to eat it as well.

I know it’s irritating to listen to them downplay all your efforts, I get it. But please remember, these are NOT the people you need to pull your motivation from. Don’t look to these people for inspiration, no, go out and find a new group of people who are SUPER inspired to workout. Who simply LOVE your new protein pancake recipe and who totally get WHY you carve out 30 minutes a day to workout.

Being around these people, will make your Moaning Minnies that much easier to bear 🙂

Whitby Boot Camp has that vibe…and it’s no happy accident. I work tirelessly to maintain an extraordinary environment of success and I only allow the kindest and most motivating people in…why? Because I want you to feel supported.

I dont tolerate clicks, drama or gossip…why? Because I want you to feel welcome.

I don’t just let any tom, dick or harry into a membership…why? Because some folks are takers and NOT givers.

Our team environment is full of the most supportive, generous and hard working people I know which means each one of them reaches success and they reach it a lot quicker here, than struggling on their own and fighting off Negative Nellies at every turn.

And guess what, I want you to come and try out this fitness support system. Just for 2 weeks. It’s unlike anything you have done before, that much I can promise. And then, once you have seen how it works and how much better you feel about getting healthy, then you can chat with Andrew. Andrew, our Sales Coach, will check to see if you are a good fit for this program – so make sure you give him your cheesiest grin.

The first 2 weeks is $29…no obligation whatsoever.

Go here to set up a meeting with Andrew:

Hey, Merry Christmas Eve!!!

Misty “Negative Nelly Nuker” Mozejko

P.S. Here’s a valuable surprise bonus “goodie” for you

A lot of my readers have been asking me if there is Facebook Group that we all hang out in and well, guess what?

There totally is. My members, my trainers and anyone interested in finding out more about our fitness revolution can join.

You can post questions, download content (we’ll be adding stuff periodically), answer questions, network, get motivated, rub shoulders (virtually) and make workout deals, or just lurk.

Same rules as any forum type apply.

Don’t go spamming or making offers or whatever.

(Anyone who does is immediately banned).

Anyway, here’s where to join:

(You’ll need a Facebook account.)

See ya on the other side…

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