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A Hairy Russian Spa King

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When I was 14 my parents took me on a vacation to Russia.

More specifically, we had been given a 2 week stay at a Russian Spa situated on the River Volga.

As you can imagine, a Russian Spa isn't quite the same as its North American counterparts.

Meals consisted of, what the Russians called, "Meat on the Steam".

Spa Treatments included soaking in bath tubs full of black sulphur and 6am dips into the slimey, algae-laden water that was The Volga.

As a 14 year old girl I had never seen a naked  man before and so was disheartened when my first experience was a balding, round little hairball called Alexei who roamed the spa with little else on but a loin cloth. 

And so, to pass the time between sub zero hose-downs and steamed cabbage, I wrote.

I hand wrote letters to all my friends, detailing every experience.

I wrote them pages upon pages of stories. Stories about the naked men, spa-abuse and steamed pig brains.

Looking back, this was where it all started. My love of writing and making people laugh via the written word. 

I mean the reaction I got from my friends when they received my letters was priceless, I remember laughing so hard I couldn't breathe as we read back my notes.

Anyway, what has my penmanship got to with your weight loss goals… ?

Well, after 10 years of writing about weight loss, the books I create these days are exceptionally results driven.

Basically, I know how to write a mean weight loss book that is not ONLY gonna help shrink your stomach but that will ALSO inspire and motivate you to keep going long after the book is done.

The Clean Slate Detox is no exception and, till tomorrow night, is on sale for $17.

This particular book helped Angela lose a pound a day.

It helped Veronica kill her carby cravings and it helped reset over 100 people at my studio so they could look and feel their best for Christmas.

You have a golden window of opportunity right now to delve into this cleanse. If you wait you'll have to contend with Christmas Parties and Cookie Exchanges….

…but if you do it NOW you can ditch your bad habits before the season of scoffing starts.

Quick, go here now and start Monday:

Love yas!

Misty RHN
10,000 Strong

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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