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There comes a time in everyones life when they get so fed up with one thing or another that they end up doing something drastic in order to change it.

Maybe you are sick of your marriage so you get divorced.

Maybe you are sick of your house so you find a new one.

And maybe, like so many people out there, you are so sick and tired of feeling like a fat, frumpy failure you do something drastic and costly like Bernstein, LA Weight Loss, Herbal Magic or Weight Watchers.

In fact, the more upset you are about your weight and your body, the more you are tempted to go to extremes.

I understand this totally.

I am a person who get’s so pissed off “not doing enough” that I set some stupid goal like running a marathon, opening a new business or losing 30 pounds by August.

I know what it’s like to pin all your hopes onto your “new plan”.

I know the relief of thinking that all your problems will be solved if you just sign up for the next fitness event or join the latest diet fad.

But see the thing is, the longer you let yourself fester and wallow, the more likely you will jump on the next glitzy, extreme weight loss band wagon.

And they are not cheap.

Dr B is like $500 a month and you can’t even work out on this plan because they are too few calories.

What I want is to stop the diet-go-round and simply offer a sustainable, long term program that means you are doing a little bit every day to stay healthy and lean.

No more crash and burns.

No more weight gain.

No more last ditch efforts.

Just a little bit of working out for a long time.

Now, you can jump on board with this plan and get a 50% discount with our Summer Bogo.

This program offers everything a regular membership does and if you buy July you get August for free 🙂

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