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A lovely set of coconuts.

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For the longest time I thought I was doing it all wrong.

I thought I was eating the wrong things, at the wrong times in the wrong combinations.

I thought I was working out too hard, too little, at the wrong time of day.

I thought I was being too rigid, too carefree, too middle-of-the-road…

I didn’t under stand why it wasn’t working when I had literally done everything.

But the truth is: I don’t lose weight very fast.

My body doesn’t change in 8 weeks.

My flat abs are NOT one simple workout plan away.

My body is like an oak tree.l and MAN!! Can it weather any storm! I mean, this body an take a goddam beating!


…. Ask it to change, ask it to pivot, ask it to be anything other than stoic…

…and the answer is no.

Maybe you feel the same… Maybe you too feel like a weathered old oak tree. Your body and mind still standing strong after all these years. Your constant growth absorbing old scars and your bark deflecting life’s hard ships.

Your roots firmly entrenched in your surroundings, your family and your friends.

Maybe your body isn’t as supple as it once was. Maybe you don’t bend over backwards any more. Maybe, just maybe, you are as wise as the lines that dictate your age.

And it’s OK to be this old oak tree. You will survive the test of time.

But don’t expect this solid oak to suddenly bend and flex like a lean Palm Tree.

Your oak didn’t come adorned with lean legs and a lovely set of coconuts….

…but give it time.

Your oak will change over the years… Your constant attention to your health will mold the direction of your growth.

You are the most magnificent person we know. Your strength and beauty leaves us in awe.

Don’t start chopping down your oak tree just because the Palm Tree gets all the attention.

Monday vibes from Misty 😉

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