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A real life ghost story.

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Do you believe in ghosts?

I do.

I don't really have a choice since I have lived in haunted houses since childhood. 

Things have always gone bump in the night around me and so I have become quite accustomed to spirits, energies and apparitions making mischief.

In fact, just 2 nights ago, I was awoken to my TV blaring out the opening credits of Dexter at 4 am in the morning…I think the spirit of Christmas has attracted a shit disturber ghost who has nothing better to do than wake me up and watch me fumble for the remote.

And, in light of such blatant rudeness from these cheeky spirits, i'm gonna have a quick chat with them.

Firm, polite, but to the point. 

I am not scared of them. Nope. I had to face this fear years ago. It's not like they are going to harm me. It's not like they are going to possess me. I won't need an exorcism..

And, there is something quite liberating about facing your fears. Turning to the thing that scares you the most and accepting into your life. Understanding that this will probably be something you have to deal with for a life time, so you might as well just get  over it.

Boot camp, working out in social situations or even the embarrassment of looking stupid in front of others is a legitimate fear. It's quite paralyzing. It's enough to make a person avoid it, run from it and never speak of it again. The image of doing a squat in a public place with everyone watching is nauseating.

You feel like you are being silently judged, and if you have even one ounce of anxiety, then the thought of being stared at will freak you out MORE than running into one of my house ghosts at 4am. 

But, and here is where I get "all Misty on yo azz"…

At some point, you need to face those fears so you can get on with the healthy and fit life you were destined for.

Just like I have had to do with ghosts, you need to get up close and personal with the discomfort you feel and look it square in the eyes and say: "fuck. off".

Now, of course, big box gyms, crossfits and beefy muscle-head sweat boxes ARE NOT going to help you over come your fear of boot camp. No. They are the stuff nightmares are made of so yeh…NOT an ideal way into the fitness world.
My studio however, with all it's friendly faces, it's clean and bright interior, it's therapy dog and lemon scented nebulizer is a much more non-terrifying way to get over your fear of group fitness. In fact, once you walk through our doors, take your first class and meet your new fitness fam….all those fears will melt away.

Just like my ghosts, they are not nearly as scary as you think they are.

To make this even less scary, I have a no-commitment 2 week trial for you to grab. You can dip your toe in the water, check to see if it's the right temperature, and then, if you like it…you can jump in and join the rest of us 🙂

Go here:

You'll become addicted to something you were too afraid to try 😉

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