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A Saint’s One Way Ticket to Hell

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If you sat and scanned your body right now…which bits would hurt? Which bits would be tangled up in knots? Which bits would be scrunched up with tension?

Do you know?

Are you even aware which parts of your body feel like shit and are crying out for help?

Some of you will. And some of you will be so busy running around for everyone else that you simply have no idea what your body is saying.



I am a busy woman. I live my life to serve others and make them happy. I develop companies with the sole intention of relieving other peoples burdens…

I’m a goddam Saint…

But, the thing is, the least Saintly thing you can do is forget about looking after yourself.

Sure. Playing Mother Teresa every day warms the charred remains of my soul and…

…when I meet my maker…

I’ll absolutely be able to look back on my life with pride.


If I don’t take care of me,


If YOU don’t take care of YOU…

Then what was the point of living YOUR LIFE?

I know this is awfully deep for a Sunday afternoon, and I know I might come across as a little “holier than thou”…

But my job is to make you understand that YOUR health is priority and you need to have 10,000 Strong in your back pocket so you can keep on looking after yourself AS CONSISTENTLY AS YOU LOOK AFTER EVERYONE ELSE.

10,000 Strong is always open. We have over 40 classes a week for your dive into. The meal plans and nutritional guidance will ensure you are always preparing fat busting foods and taking the right supplements for your body.

We are ALWAYS here. 

We have been for the past 10 years and guess what?

We will be here for you for the next 10 too.

So, with tomorrow being Magical Monday, why not start turning the boat around?

Why not take the first step to the rest of your life and join us for 14 days so you can “try before you buy”…

Simply purchase your 2 week trial and start tomorrow…easy, peasy, lemon, squeezy:

See you soon

Misty RHN
Founder of 10,000 Strong

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