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Abolish Food Guilt While Still Eating Cookie Dough

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I wannna rap about guilt today. Specifically food guilt.

I have been there a million times so I’m quite an expert on how eating a crap-load of food not only have physical side effects, but mental side effects too.

Let’s take for example any given Thursday evening. The week is almost over and you are tired after a gruelling 4 days at work. You don’t want to cook, you don’t want to prep food. Salad is the last thing on your mind right now…

No…all you want is all you can eat sushi and a big glass of red wine.

Mmmm…and so starts the rationalization process…usually around 2pm.

You know the drill….you say things like “you deserve a night off”, “you ate really well this week”, “you’ll work it off tomorrow”….yada yada yada.

And as the evening creeps closer, you have already mapped out how the evening will unfold…yes, yessssssss my pretty. It’s all coming together.

The all you can eat sushi came out so fast, the deep fried veggies (BUT IT’S VEGGIES), and the 4 Green Dragon Rolls (but it’s avocado and rice!!! It’s healthy) and maybe more noodles and tempura than you bargained for are just inhaled.

One glass, 2 glass and go you know what, fugk it….dessert too.

And before you have even blinked, you just blasted through a several thousand calories.

Luckily, you are still on your food high so you don’t really care right now.

But as you come down, go to bed feeling big and bloated, and then wake up the next day…the inevitable guilt creeps in.

You realize that you totally over did it.

You realize that the Haagen Daaz you finished the night off with was just plain gluttony.

And now, it’s Friday, and a whole weekend of indulging is ahead….or WORSE….a whole weekend of having to be super, super, strict while watching everyone else indulge is ahead.

And the guilt of what you ate last night combined with the annoyance of knowing you’ll probably overeat this weekend to create a heady mix of frustration.

Perfect, just what you needed on a Friday morning.


Doesn’t this sound familiar….uncomfortably so?

Well, there is a way to break this you know….

Yeh…just don’t over eat. Don’t go out for dinners, don’t drink wine and don’t eat ice cream.

Don’t ever enjoy food and drink again.

Oh wait….that’s not it either.

Ok, how about this….how about working with your nutritionist to find a plan and a supplementation regime that allows you to enjoy a cheat meal every week while still focussing on fat loss.

How about you work with a team of personal trainers to make you strong and lean. How about you have a lifestyle of fitness that means that when you do fall into a VAT of Ben and Jerry’s you are not thrown so far from the band wagon that you’ll never climb back on in one piece.

Doesn’t that sound better than the weekly guilt yo-yo. The emotion up and down of self-loathing V self-acceptance.

Well guess what, that’s exactly what my team of experts provides you. You can read a little more here about the program and what we offer…no harm in reading..right?

Questions? Just let me know.

Talk soon

Misty “guilt guru” Mozejko

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