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I wrote this today and slapped it up on The FaceParty:

“The best lessons you will ever learn are the really hard ones.

The ones that slice open your heart, empty your wallet or destroy a friendship.

So with that in mind, stop worrying about getting hurt. Stop distrusting people and holding back. Stop living just half a life.

Go out there and get hurt, get broke and make massive, life altering mistakes because maybe…

….that's the only way you'll ever learn.”

I wrote that as a reminder to you and to me.

After a particularly hard week, I need to remind myself that making mistakes was OK and to NOT let those mistakes close me in.

I needed to learn from the mistake and go right back out there to fight another day.

And I think we can all get a little tired from time to time.

It’s like you keep throwing yourself into fire, you keep getting burned and it feels like nothing ever changes.

This could happen at work, with a friend or colleague or maybe your relationship. You keep opening your heart and soul only to get it stomped on one more time.

And, after some time, you simply say “fuck it”. You close down, you stop trusting people and your cynicism level sky rockets to an all time high.

And, I am here to tell you something Missy…

The only way you will ever get ahead is by taking down those walls. Oh and I know it sucks to have to open yourself up to pain and heartache again. Believe me, some days I’d like nothing better than to sit inside my windowless castle, eat toast and ignore the world…

But, truly, that’s not gonna get us anywhere is it?

Now, the same goes for trusting me.

I know that you have probably been screwed over by a big box gym, a personal trainer or even a small boot camp business.

I know that because I see these companies come and go like a Merry Go Round. Most are unprofessional, most are disorganized and 99% do not even know you by name.

So I get that it might be hard to say “oh here we go again” and jump into another weight loss rabbit hole…

…but how on earth are you going to shift that weight if you don’t open yourself up to this opportunity.

I can promise you, right here and right now, 10,000 Strong is NOT like the fly by night trainers. We won’t change class times, we won’t jump from facility to facility and you can bet your bottom dollar we won’t shut our doors because…


…we went bankrupt.

Ah no.

I’ve been here 10 years now, and guess what…we just go from strength to strength.

So come on. Trust one last time. Open your mind to success and don’t worry about getting burned. 

I can promise you that this time, everything will be A-ok.

And hey, it’s only 2 weeks and its only $29, so if you reallllllly reallllly don’t think it’s gonna work, then no harm, no foul.

Here ya go:

I won’t bite. Hard.

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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