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Alter Ego Mean Misty Get’s Blunt

In: fitness

Let me tell you something.

You're DNA is the same as everyone else's.

You have the same 24 hours in a day.

You have enough money AND the injury you sustained a year ago doesn't qualify you for a "get out of your workout" pass any more.

It's time that you faced the music and let Mean Misty give you some straight up hard truths.

You see, I have been doing this a while. I have heard every excuse under the sun. Typically the reason people say they can't workout is due to time and money.

They tell me they don't have enough time in their day to eat well and workout. Well guess what amigo. That's pure BS.

Are you telling me you can't get up 30 minutes earlier to workout? Are you telling me that there is no way you can slice out 20 minutes from your schedule to get your sweat on.

Look, i'm sorry, but if you can't take 30 minutes from your day to do something good for yourself…then you are in the wrong job. 

And…your priorities are messed up.

Now, lets tackle money.

Yes. I will get plenty of lash back on this. And yes, maybe there are some of your who simply cannot spend $50 a week on your health.

But here's the thing. There are some of you who CAN afford my program but hide behind the excuse of "it's too expensive". You sit there and tell me to my face that $10 a class is too expensive. That learning how to juice properly, how to fast, how to carb cycle and how to meal prep is not worth $50 a week. You tell me that my expertise in supplements and weight loss is not worth $50.

And that's ok. I have thick skin. I can take it.

But what is ten times worse than lying to me…is lying to yourself.

Telling yourself that you aren't worth the extra time and the money. Letting your spouse tell you that you are not worth a few hundred bucks a month. Just washing your hands of everything because you are not willing to make that investment.

Let me tell you something: you are worth it.

Spending $200 a month on your health, your families health and your nutrition is worth it. It's not just worth it, but in this day and age, it's a requirement.

But hey, Mean Misty is just ranting here and probably pissing a tonne of people off in the long run. 

But, if just one person finally accepts the sacrifce it takes to get healthy and well….then i've done my job.

Ok, Mean Misty is leaving the building now but not before I give you an opportunity to really understand what my program offers. Yep, for a mere $29 you can try out Durham Regions most effective weight loss program.

But only if you are ready:

Mean Misty Over And Out.
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