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Always a Fatty, Never the Fox.

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So i’m just sitting at my desk and Veronica busts out mountain climbers, vertically, on the wall.

After one of our challenges, Steve held a plank for over 6 minutes and made me cry with pride.

One of our trainers is so committed to training you guys, she does it with her baby in arms.

You see 10,000 Strong is all about achieving the impossible. Normal human beings accomplishing way more than they ever thought possible.

I was obese for a very long time. Decades. I was always the fatty and never the fox. Always the one trying to get out of sports and cross country running in school.

Always the one who bought shoes and earrings, while all my other friends giggled over skinny jeans together in the change rooms.

Always the girl with the pretty face and cracking sense of humour rather than the pretty tits and cracking body.

But then, I did the impossible. I lost 120 pounds. 

I didn't wear a cape or save kittens from trees. I wasn't suddenly a super hero. I didn’t go from Plain Jane Bella in to sex-goddess Vampire over night, no….

I just did it step by step.

Just like Veronica built her strength. Just like Steve built his core. Day by day and workout by workout.

You see, at our age, all we have is time. We aren’t racing to get skinny for a Wasaga Beach vacay. We aren’t trying to be the skinniest Bridesmaid for our Best Friends wedding. We don’t have to be hyper focused on beating our cousins for the “tiniest bikini” award on the beach.

Nope. We have time now. Time to take things slowly and do things right. Time to workout out a little bit each day and make slow and solid dietary changes that will last a life time.

10,000 Strong is a LONG TERM solution. I deliberately promise that it will take MONTHS to get you to your goals. It may take years!! 

But that’s because, lasting weight loss and health is a long-ass journey – and I promise to be with you every step of the way.

Everyone has the ability to just be a normal person achieving incredible things…but you do have to start somewhere…

..and that somewhere is right here with a 2 week test drive.

You can’t ignore me forever ya know 😉

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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