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Am I really shutting my doors?

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There comes a time in every girls life, where she needs to put on her big girl panties and chase her dreams.

I guess my time is now…but I’m not doing this alone. Oh no! You are coming with me!

So, for the past 3 years I have been licensing the American Franchise name Fit Body Boot Camp. I personally knew the owner and it was a fantastic affiliation and I am thrilled with their program.

But, see the thing is, I am a stubborn, driven and hugely proactive community ambassador and well…I needed to strike out on my own.

This means, as of March, we will be moving forward with the name 10000 Strong: A Nutrition and Fitness Revolution. The training remains the same, the schedule remains the same, the members and trainers remain the same (and are super excited!).

Nothing changes on the day to day side of things…just the branding and of course our new line up of nutrition focussed solutions.

I have a goal to help as many people as possible and so with the emergence of this new brand comes an online store where you, my dear reader, will be able to purchase all my done for you nutrition programs…even if you have never stepped foot in my boot camp.

Our new brand is proudly Canadian and totally independent. This is my heart and sole, my baby and my offering to the world.

10000 Strong will offer myriad options for both members and non-members…all in an effort make the world a healthier place 🙂

We are nutrition advocates, we offer daily workouts and we are simply the most cohesive community of fitness friends in the GTA. We need our own identity and well..I think I have found it.

The new website link is below, so please go check it out.

The upgraded schedule is there too, maybe you will find some classes that work for you.

Above all though, I want to thank you for you support.

Fit Body was a amazing opportunity but truly….a girl has to make her own luck.

Glad to have you around for this new chapter…go have a look at the website and let me know what you think;

Ok…time for a stiff drink!
Misty “never settle” Mozejko

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