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…and she stared dolefully at rows and rows and cardio machines.

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So check this out….

Andrew and I were scouting some more 10,000 Strong locations this week and last.

The time has come to expand and so the hunt is on for a perfect spot.

Now, I have worked in numerous location and have had 3 locations with my business and so I know what works and what doesn’t work.

I know that we want lots of room so you can ramp up your cardio…

I know that we need lots of space for cool equipment so you never get bored…

I also know we need air conditioning, good flooring and a welcoming and energetic environment.

Now, over the three years I have been in our Whitby location, I believe we have created a space that people want to be in. I mean, business keeps growing so we must be doing something right – lol.

But as we expand, and come to a city near you, we want to make sure we replicate this incredible studio we have here in Whitby.

Above all, I want smiles, I want laughter, I want happiness. One of the reasons I hate the big box gyms is because there is no personality in their space.

There is no family, there is no energy.

It’s like the moment you walk in, your entire life-force is sucked right out of you.

The glassy eyed stares from the desk staff aren’t welcoming and inspiring and the rows upon rows of cookie cutter cardio equipment only offer a sense of impending boredom.

I know this.

I used to be a Premier Fitness member….well, until they went under.

I am not in the industry to be like everyone else.

I am here to be a trailblazer!

And, if you need to blaze a new trail for your own fitness, you are going to lOVE what’s coming to your town soon.

If you want a taste of what it feels like to find your fitness home, then try out out Summer BOGO.

There is minimum commitment required and you’ll get August totally free.

Hop on the pre-notification list today to ensure you get a spot as well as find out a little more about what your BOGO offers:

If you are on this email list, you’ll get your BOGO payment link before everyone else…we launch at Midnight on Thursday 🙂

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