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And this is what is wrong with my industry….

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A very well known and popular local trainer just posted up a question on a local Facebook forum.

His client has lost over 100 pounds with him and currently works as an admin in the same facility.

She has decided she wants to become a trainer and he doesn’t want to hire her because she still has 50 more pounds to go.

I was so angry when I saw this that I couldn’t help but lash out.

I scolded him and told him how thankful that I am, that when I decided to become a trainer (with 50lbs still to lose), I had someone that believed in me.

Someone who saw my desire to help and someone who knew I could make a difference.

Listen, I get it. I wouldn’t go to a broke accountant or a hairdresser with bad hair.

And people do judge a book by its cover for sure.

But if the person is strong, has good form, can inspire others, train a good
class and lives the healthy life and is on a weight loss journey… Then who are we to judge?

I find trainer who looks like chiseled, statue of David to be intimidating and unrealistic.

But a woman who has already ditched 100 lbs and is looking to better herself while helping others….

That’s 10 times more inspiring and relatable than Mr 6 pack.

I’m waiting for a backlash on my

Not that I care what they say…. I’m right anyway.

But man, these are the type of people that make it so hard for “the old me” to feel comfortable starting a workout program.

Ok rant over.

Back to my usual sunny disposition.

Misty “shut up you silly silly man” Mozejko

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