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Archaic Slavery System is Alive and Kicking in 2016.

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Do you know what Boxing Day actually means? Shockingly it’s NOT a day dedicated to spending what’s left on our credit cards, on appliances we don’t need, in big box stores that sell last years models.

Nope, Boxing Day is the day that your servants and tradesmen receive their gifts from The Christmas Box. Think of Downton Abby for a second…all those employed by The Earl Of Grantham, including the cooks, maids, butlers and so on, would get to open a present, as supplied by the head of house, on Boxing Day.

A day after the family they serve.

Usually in their quarters which were below ground.

Hmmmm, seems archaic and disrespectful doesn’t it? Especially in this day and age where we fight for equal rights and freedom of speech.

But that’s just how it was done. That was the way it had always been, and God only knows how Brits will NEVER change tradition unless it is forced upon them.

And so it seems with fitness. Until someone comes along and practically shoves a better way of working out and staying nourished down your throat, people will keep going with their step classes and Lean Cuisines.

They keep going with their gym memberships.

They’ll keep ploughing money into diet fads that are really a random crap shoot in the end and why? Because it’s become tradition. It’s familiar and they do work….for a couple of weeks anyway.

But this why I am here. I am here to grab you by the shoulders and scream in your face. I am here to force open your jaw’s and cram 30 minute group training sessions and holistic nutrition into your gullet.

Why? Because someone has to stop the madness 🙂

I do it because it works. I am living proof. Many of you are too. You know that good food and challenging work outs are the way forward…and when you combine that with an insane amount of support and motivation well, that’s when the MAGIC HAPPENS.

Now look, in a few days time it’s going to be the New Year and I want you to resolve to making 2016 your healthiest one yet.

Obviously I have a program you can join that will get you there….the 19 Day Detox Version 2.0 is back with a vengeance.

I can’t release the registration page for another 48 hours, and when I do it’ll fill up quick but for now, all I want you to do is check out our schedule.

Now, as of January 4th I am adding the following classes:

Weds 7:30pm, Tuesday/Thursday 9:30am and Sunday morning 8:30am and 9am…these are not on this schedule yet but keep those additional classes in mind:

I want you to commit to juicing, blending and eating well next year…you’ll be amazed at how good you feel.

Look what Mary Citano had to say:

“Hey Misty, I love, love, love boot camp! I have been going every morning at 5:30 and stay for the double. I feel great! I have been very diligent with my eating habits. My clothes look different on me and I’m certainly seeing a flatter mid section! Even my coworker commented that it shows I’ve lost inches”.

Pretty sweet huh?!

Can’t wait too see you in Jan!

Misty “Hurricane Detox Hits Land in 48 Hours”.

P.S. Here’s a valuable surprise bonus “goodie” for you

A lot of my readers have been asking me if there is Facebook Group that we all hang out in and well, guess what?

There totally is. My members, my trainers and anyone interested in finding out more about our fitness revolution can join.

You can post questions, download content (we’ll be adding stuff periodically), answer questions, network, get motivated, rub shoulders (virtually) and make workout deals, or just lurk.

Same rules as any forum type apply.

Don’t go spamming or making offers or whatever.

(Anyone who does is immediately banned).

Anyway, here’s where to join:

(You’ll need a Facebook account.)

See ya on the other side…

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