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Are you being judged for being too fat, too thin, too muscly?

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Are people judging you on your weight and size?

Like for for real? Do you think there are people that sit there and look at you and instantly judge you for being too fat, too thin, too muscly?

Well, yeah they are.

Sorry to be a bitch about this, but people are judging you.

For Gods Sake….I work in THE most judgey industry ever. When I was at my skinniest I was still considered the “heavy” trainer by my peers. One of my mentors told me that to even be considered for modelling i’d have to lose at least 40 pounds  – and this was at a time where my ribs were visible through my skin.

So yeh. We are being judged and there’s nothing you can do that will stop that.

The only thing you can do is say Fuck That Shit and get on with your life.

Stop caring about what people thing. Stop worrying about what they say about you behind your back.

As someone who lives largely in the public eye i’ve come to embrace my haters.

They’ve called me fat, they've called me foul mouthed. A person I considered a trusted colleague turned around recently I told me that my domineering nature was really off-putting.

Well fuck them.

You’re happiness is NOT dependant on what others thing of you. You’re happiness is dependant on what *you* think of you.

So, do you think you are a good person?

Do you think you could become a better person?

Would working out consistently and eating a whole, clean and carb-controlled diet make you feel like a better person?

Yes. Yes it would.

And guess what, when you feel like you are living your best life then it really doesn’t matter what people think about you. Because YOU know you are doing the best you can and by God, that’s all you can do.

So, i’ll ask again, like I ask every day: won’t you come join us for 2 weeks? It’ll be just the kick start you need to become the best version of you:

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