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Are you guzzling this Chemical Cocktail?

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As you are well aware, there are plenty of “quick fixes” out there.

Pills, potions and powders that claim to shred fat from the body in days.

They promise an easy way to get that flat tummy without cravings or, in fact, any hard work at all.

Clearly there is a catch.

Well yeh…quite a big one….multiple infact.

Typically, weight loss pills are a combination of ingredients. A little cocktail of chemicals if you will.These chemicals are there to stimulate certain areas of the body.

For example Qnexa, contains the controversial ingredients phentermine (the Phen, from Phen-Fen – a controversial weight loss drug of the 80’s that was blamed for damage to the heart). Phentermine is an appetite suppressant.

It also contains topiramate which is an anti-convulsant.


An anti-convuslant? Last time I checked…I didn’t need an anti-convulsant to eat an apple.

Now….don’t get me wrong, phentermine and topiramate, the ingredients in Qnexa, are both approved by the FDA. So, yes, this weight loss drug did get approved by the FDA…

…but so did Methadone, aspartame, food colouring and many, many more toxins.

I guess I have a hard time trusting anyone who tells me that ingesting toxins is a-ok.

Not that they have much scientific data to prove that there isn’t any long lasting effects…So we are taking these chemicals without actually knowing if we will still have a liver in 10 years time….

The thing is, we find new data out on these products too late… Usually when people start dying or becoming diseased….or babies start getting defects. You know….in the 50’s Doctor’s told us that smoking was healthy….

What will our doctors say about weight loss pills in another 60 years?

So look, I know that weight loss is hard and you can start to feel really desperate at times.

But trust me, weight loss pills are not the answer.

Sorry…but diet and exercise win out everytime. Yup, it takes longer but >>>  it lasts forever ya know!

The "easy way out" involves guzzling all sorts of cancer causing agents….

At 10,000 Strong we only focus on the "hard way" which includes a flexible workout schedule, delicious personalized meal plans and a tailored vitamin and mineral programme to keep you vibrant << wait….that doesn't sound hard at all.

Come try out our hard way, you'll realize that this is the ONLY way to go:

Misty RHN
10,000 Strong

PS: Anti-convulsants MAY be required after 4 sets of clean and press followed by 4 sets of heavy squats….jussayin.

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