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Are you in this private group?

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So, all members at Whitby Boot Camp are part of our private accountability club.

Every single day, we post up what we are doing to get healthier.

Every single day, we let each other know HOW we are going to workout and what we plan on eating.

Every day we publicly declare our goals…..and every day….they get done.

Daily accountability is a massive part of being a member at Whitby Fit Body Boot Camp.

Making sure you stay on track is key, and doing it with a group of like minded members means you are sure to win.

Every paying member gets access to this inspiring group….(if you are a member who is NOT in the private group get, please friend “teresa misty mozejko” on FB and i’ll ad you).

It’s just one of the many bonuses to membership with us.

On top of the $1000’s of dollars in free challenges, detoxs and reboot programs.
On top of having your own personal trainer.

On top of having your own nutritionist.

On top of the state of the art studio.

On top of the constant motivation and inspiration.

It’s just another bonus.

As a business owner I mentor with many great coaches….and guess what..

I don’t pay thousands in coaching fees JUST for the instruction…


I pay for the bonuses I get to be part of this group.

I pay for the connections I create and the friends I make.

I pay for the motivation being in these groups gives me.

Everything else is like the cherry on top 🙂

But listen..if you are not ready to invest $150 a month into a lifestyle of health…

Then we are not the place for you.

I get it…


Talk soon

Misty “Uses Facebook for good, not evil”

PS: Listen to what Lianne had to say about our awesome 5 week fitness challenge:

“Thanks so much for this awesome challenge! It was so inspirational to see everyone pushing their limits and being so positive! It makes me want to become stronger!

Can’t wait for the next Challenge!

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