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“Are you pregnant?” ..ummm. Nope.

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Here's the deal…that bloat on your stomach won't go away with more exercise. It won't go away with more crunches and it won't go away with more Lean Cuisine microwave meals.

Sucks right? You would think those things should work…but actually, stomachs that stick out further than your boobs are actually a sign of an underlying issue.

Your stomach might hold a little more fat, but is shouldn't look pregnant. Your lower belly shouldn't be an entity unto itself…in fact, your belly should be your belly…and should NOT have separate compartments that you call your upper and lower gut. There is no equator when it comes to your stomach.

It should be (relatively) flat. It shouldn't gurgle, it shouldn't blow up after you eat, it shouldn't have indigestion or make you feel sick.

If you are suffering from any of the above….we should fix it.

And I'm not talking about more crunches. No. I am talking about testing your digestive system for deficiencies. Checking the diet. Maybe performing a quick detox to restart your stomach and hormones.

Yes, we will make sure your body moves every day to ensure good elimination, great muscle tone, and tight thighs and stomach muscles. Yes, we will ask you to sweat to help the body detoxify and yes we will ask that you build strength that creates definition in your arms, ass and abs.

BUT, at the same time, we are going to holistically work on the body from the inside out. I promise you, when we fix up the nutrition aspect of your diet and lifestyle, your sticky-out tummy will be a thing of the past. Your stomach will be flat and strong. You will wear tight shirts and slide back into those old dress pants.

And, I am NOT promising you an overnight solution. I am renowned for NOT offering quick fixes, bands aids and magic pills.

But, I am well known for my nutritional expertise, my ability to keep you motivated and the team of incredible trainers that are going to re-shape your entire body.

I offer you a lifestyle. I offer you a fitness home. I offer you a long term program that will fix up all of your nutritional ailments and help you lose weight and gain strength 100% natural and of course completely personalized.

If you are sick of the weight loss hamster wheel, come and give us a try.

I really want to help and remove you from losing the same 10 pounds over, and over again.

Talk soon

Misty "crunches don't cure munchies" Mozejko

PS: 2 things on the horizon…

ST Patty's Day sees the launch of our new kick ass 7 day fat burning plan: Slim By Sunday so I'll send a couple more emails around that date so you don't miss it.


Our next challenge launches soon. They are ALWAYS free for members so if you are thinking of joining, do it soon so you can jump in on the 21 day fitness and nutrition challenge that will change how you look at fitness and dieting for ever. This challenge is going to change your life…I am so excited to share more.

But not yet.


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