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Are you this short-sighted?

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Before I lost weight, I always looked for the quick fix.

I figured if I just did the Cabbage Soup diet for a week, everything would be ok. Or, maybe, if I just joined this 8 week fitness program, everything would be ok. Or, maybe, if I bought the 30 Day Shred, everything would be ok.

I cannot believe how short sighted I was being. What did I think would happen after the 30 day shred or 7 day soup program? Did I really think these short and stupid programs were going to fix me forever? Did I honestly believe 7 days of soup would be the answer I needed to fix a life time of bad habits?

I guess I was so desperate i'd believe anything the media told me.

I had my blinders on because I really needed this next FAD to work. I needed it for my mental health. I needed it for my physical health.

And so, when I recently asked my readership what they wish they had known BEFORE they started their healthy and fit lifestyle, member Denise responded:

"I wish I understood how important continual movement of all body parts was – if not daily, at least 5 times per week!".

And the words "continual movement" are the key words. 

She didn't say 7 days. 30 days. 8 weeks.

She said continual….as in FOREVER.

Your body needs you to be healthy forever. It needs you to be fit for it's entire life. It doesn't want you to keep falling in and out of fitness programs and trying the latest new diet. All it really wants is for to you move MOST days of the week for about 30 minutes and eat foods from the ground.

It's common sense and honestly, we should already know this shit. Common sense is not always the easiest thing to follow but, my nutrition and workout program at 10,000 Strong Boot Camp is all about that common sense thang.

We work out most days for 30 minutes.

And we eat clean foods in amounts specific to our needs.

It's almost too simple right? Hmmmmm….well, why not come see common sense in action? Why not come and see the changes that happen to your body when you sweat MOST days of the week? You can start your common sense program for just $29 ya know.

Go here to start:

It's the smart and simple thing to do.

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