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Balls to the head – yeh, i’m going there.

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So look, Shit Happens.

Most months you might be totally on track with your workouts and nutrition….and then something goes totally sideways and things start to slip.

Or you can get injured and you need to recover.

Or you can be like member Jackie who managed to get herself a concussion. The cause of said concussion has not yet been identified but I like to imagine she acquired her knock to the head doing something that made her smile 🙂


She posted up that she was a little apprehensive about getting back on the bucking bootcamp horse after her recovery…and can you guess what happened?

The group came to her rescue with comments like:

” Oh no!!!! Dare I ask what happened?!?! In any event you will rock it!!! Good luck (although I’m sure you won’t need it….it’s like riding a bike right)”

“You’ve been missed. No more balls to the head”.

“Glad you will be back!!!”

“You will rock it”

“I hope you are feeling better!! You will do great on Monday! Just take it easy and modify!!”

“Can’t wait to see you chickabella xx”

….and the list goes on…

What a supportive group!! I mean c’mon!

Where else will you find such a connected community that literally cares about every single person like they were family?

Nowhere…that’s where.

So why not join our Facebook Fitness Family? Why not come into the fold. Come to a place where you WILL be supported when you feel scared or down? Come to a place where you were gain daily motivation, help and advice…

Join us 🙂

See you in there

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