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Bend over and let Christmas stuff you in the turkey

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“Oh, I can’t pay that now. Christmas is coming.” 


Just because Christmas is coming doesn’t mean you have to de-prioritize your own needs. In fact, the Christmas season requires you have a wayyyyyy stronger grip on your diet.

You can quite easily slip into the creamy, syrupy, chocolatey abyss that is the Holidays and tell yourself that you “had no choice”.

Telling me you can’t afford something at Christmas is kinda funny. I mean, you will spend more during the next 6 weeks than you will all year.

So yeh. You can probably afford to grab my Black Friday deal.

I actually wasn’t going to do ANYTHING for this American Holiday…I am still grumpy with them about the election…BUT…

…I do actually think that if I can offer a $600 savings out to our community so they don’t actually slip into fat-gaining bedlam…

…AND REMIND THEM, that they can actually afford to do this for themselves…

Well, then that’s the least I could do.

Look. You do not have to bend over and let Christmas stuff you in the turkey…you can take a pro-active stance and join our nutrition and fitness program with the best trainers and weight loss experts in Durham.

With over 40 flexible classes a week it doesn’t matter how crazy your schedule will be and you can better your bottom dollar that our weight loss coach and nutritionist will slap all the bad foods of your hands.

And, you’ll be saving around $600 on our 6 month membership and trust me, that rarely happens around here.

So, there are a couple of spots left if you want yours. But act fast, price goes back up soon:

See you soon


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