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Better than fresh blood in a zombie hoard

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Recently a fantastic member (Kellie) posted up in The Book of Faces this little thank you:

“My lunch break is often the only time I get for myself most days. So a big thanks to Coach Courtney for making it time well spent today! Awesome class!”.

Kellie is a fantastic realtor and well, because she’s so good, it means she is often very very busy.

The 30 minutes she allows herself for a lunch break is the 30 minutes she dedicates to her fitness….

…oh and I know there are some of you reading this who will think that she must an insane gym-bunny. That she must simply LOVE working out. That she must have bundles of energy to waiting to be burned off.

Well, here is the truth:

Kellie is as busy, if not more so, than the rest of us. While she is not a gym rat, she certainly understands the concept of staying in good shape. And, I have a feeling, that one of the reasons she has boundless energy is BECAUSE of her lunch time workouts.

The thing is, we ALL need to hack out time for ourselves each day to ensure we can have the best day ever.

I know it sounds counterproductive to tell you to stop working in order to be better at work. Or, to start helping yourself in order to help others.

But I have never seen something more true.

You simply must have that down time, the YOU time and time to work on yourself because if you don’t….everything else will turn to shit.

So now look, this week I am promoting our 12 week Blitz program which starts Jan 2nd 2017. This program is for those needing and wanting a proper training and nutrition program come the New Year AND who are looking to save a few hundred bucks doing so.

Well duh. 

That’s like everyone on this list.

And so, because I know that more people will scramble at this opportunity than fresh blood in a zombie hoard….I am asking that only the truly serious sign up to the pre-notification list below.

If you are on this list, you will get first stab at this brand new 12 Week Blitz program.

And oh yeh…i’m only selling it on Christmas Day – just to make it even more fun.

Pop your email address in here if you want this deal:

Now, put down that Turtle and start thinking about YOUR 2017.

Until next time

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong


PS: Kellie also has a wicked sense of humour. After last weeks lunchtime workout she came and told me that I should change the name of the boot camp to:

10,000 Strong: The only way to make your legs shake.

….and you can take that ANY way ya want too.  Ciao!

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