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Biggest Loser BS

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5.5lbs in 3 weeks.

Yeh, Trish is well on her way to her goals. She just joined up 3 weeks ago and has already lost 5.5 pounds.

Now, to protect your metabolism and make sure your weight loss lasts forever…slow and steady is the key.

Biggest Loser type shows made us believe that losing 10 pounds a week was “a thing”. 

Well, it’s not. And never should have been. Losing 10 pounds, or even 5 pounds a week simply forces your body to slow down calorie burn. After all, if you are not ingesting calories then your body will stop you burning them in an effort to keep you alive. 

So…anyway, as I said, lasting weight loss is slow process. I mean, like a pound a week. Maybe 2.

Remember it’s not just your body that has to change, it’s your brain too. Your brain has to get on board with this whole new lifestyle and sometimes that can be HARDER than actually losing the weight.

So yeh, Trishs’s weight loss is perfect. She is never ever going to see those 5.5 pounds again NOR any of the other pounds she plans on getting rid of.

You can do this too if you join us.

You can get your body AND brain on the same page.

You can work with your very own Weight Loss Coach. You can train with the GTA’s elite trainers and and you can be immersed in the healthiest, most vibrant and most cohesive fitness community.

And, you can have it all at $400 off.

There is one more space. One more discounted membership available. It’s yours until midnight.

No more emails.

Well today anyway.

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