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Ok, I’m laying it all out on the line.

I want to make sure you know exactly what our 19 Day Detox is all about.

You see, we already have around 90 people signed up, and so not only are we running out of space, we are running out of time.

See, the meal plan, juicing protocol and all of your instructions are sent out this weekend.

This is basically your last chance to jump on board.

And you know what, this is going to the best thing you do for your body.

The juices are yummy, effective and will make you feel healthier than ever before. Your bloating will disappear within 48 hours, your digestive system will start working more effectively, your hydration levels will increase which will boost your metabolism.

And this is on top the mass amounts of nutrients you will absorb into the system which will restore deficiencies, increase energy and of course blast away cravings.

The juices are blood sugar balancing so good-bye 3pm munchies. So long, post work, hunger rampages which means you shove chips, cookies and bread in your mouth WHILE cooking dinner.

The meal plan is clean, lean and a protein filled gastronomic journey. Besides eliminating your worst addictions, it will keep you full and happy all day. You’ll lose weight, you will feed your new muscles and you will never want for anything.

Maybe a donut during the first few days of withdrawal, but hey..with the unlimited support of your nutritionist, the 100 other people doing the detox with you and if course your trainers, you won’t cave.

You won’t want to.

You’ll feel so good and so in control of your food and exercise, you’ll motivated to push through and then, NEVER GO BACK to that old lifestyle.

Now, we don’t want you to do this program and then never actually see the benefits to the body…nope.

You are going to get a complete nutritional analysis done with your nutritionist. You will be able to see, on paper, exactly which deficiencies were fixed, how much weight you lost, how much body fat you lost, how many inches you lost.

You will be able to measure how much better your digestive system is functioning, your liver and how much stress has been lifted from the body.

You will find out so much about your inner workings, you are going to be amazed.

And thats the point. I want you to be wowed, I want to over deliver. I want to make you feel like the rockstar you are.

Finally, the workouts are unlimited. With over 40 classes a week, you can come to whichever classes suit your busy lifestyle the most.

We open at 5:30am and go till 8pm…we have weekend classes too so our Weekend Warriors can do it up in style.

And look, it’s $97. I’ve never offered anything this cheap before. The meal plan alone is worth more than this, let alone the workouts, the support, the community, the complete nutritional analysis are simply just hundreds of dollars in amazing bonuses.

So, lets break it out:

The 19 Day Detox is a 19 day juicing and meal plan designed for weight loss, digestive system repair, de-bloating and metabolic boost.

Bonuses include:

– unlimited training schedule – over 40 classes a week to choose from
– access to your private support system in our members Facebook group
– complete nutritional analysis that shows you exactly which organs have been healed
– a body fat and weight analysis to see how much weight and bloating has been lost
– a goal setting meeting with Coach Andrew to figure out how to continue this lifestyle
– a short term, super focussed program that promises to change your life…forever
– the ONLY way to come into bootcamp on a limited time membership
– access to the most experienced trainers in the Region

Ok, so your next stop is to head to the website so you can read more, or simply sign up:

It’s going to be busy getting all the last minute people into the detox, so don’t wait around.

We can’t wait to do this with you – I promise this will change your life.

Talk soon

Misty “never the same again” Mozejko

PS: Check out this detox testimonial from last year:

“Misty – I loved the detox!! I never, ever felt hungry. I never had the desire to reach for my “go to” snack food – the junk! The crackers, chips and chocolate! Never!! What an eye opener that is for me. Eating properly can curb my cravings. I thought I was a healthy eater but now I have the tools to choose foods that prevent cravings. Actually, when the 19 days were over, I craved juice and want that instead of my morning coffee. I will definitely continue to juice.
I didn’t need to lose weight but easily lost a few pounds, more significant for me was the percent body fat I lost. Now I can work on toning and building more muscle mass.
Feeling great!!”

Oh and check out what Sharon just sent in:

“I am a convert! This is the best work-out program EVER and I’m so incredibly happy with my results. I feel good and feel like I look good and that has given me a new confidence. Thanks for doing what you do and providing what you provide. You have the best trainers, and I have a new family that I look forward to seeing at least 5 times a week.”

C’mon….don’t you want to feel this amazing?

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