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bloody he11, not this again.

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An annoyance of mine has risen it’s way to the surface again.

Someone said we were too scary to join because we are a “boot camp”.

I always knew this was one of my main problems when I was branded as a “boot camp”. I KNOW that this name can give off bad Ju Ju to anyone starting out on their fitness journey.

But you see Boot Camp is one of those names…like Kleenex or Coca Cola.

You become lumped in with the Crossfits and the screamy, yelly boot camps with camo-clad Vin Diesels.

You get branded with a molten hot iron when you dive into the world of group training….

…i’m either a sucky, useless, money grabbing gym..
or a dirty, overwhelming, plates and shakes, grunt-when-you-crunch kinda sweat box.

Boot camp seems scary. That’s WHY I pulled it outta my name. We are actually a revolution.

We are neither a gym or a sweat box.

We are a high end, community based, clean and organized fitness business that is located in convenient highway 2 plaza in Whitby.

No barbed wire bicep tattoo’s here!

Anyway…I was talking with Shannon, a member here, and she said she was trying to explain to her friends what we were…and when she mentioned we were “like a bootcamp” she could see the look of terror in her friends eyes…

So let me, cumbersomely try to explain what we are….I need a word cloud for this:

We are a feeling of accomplishment.

We are an elite service.

We are clean and bright and our windows draw in tonnes of natural light.

We are close to home.

We are a community of active men and women.

We are your support system

We are your fitness family.

We are a breath of fresh air (our nebulizer makes sure of that)

We are your therapy and your solace.

We are your fitness revolution.

So paint that picture if you will and let all the grubby, greasy, grunting gym rats wash away – we don’t roll like that.

Anyway…I think you will be surprised when you walk in the door.

Come try us out for a couple of weeks…our therapy dog Jasmine and our fancy nebulized air is just what you need in your life:

See ya soon
Misty RHN
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