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Bob Harper Poked Misty Mama Bear.

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Everyone is jumping on the online training band wagon eh? Even the worlds most adored Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper is now ramming his new online training program down the throat of my Facebook feed.

Oh goody – another failure waiting to happen…and i’m going to explain WHY the Bob Harpers of the world have online training videos and WHY you should stay away from them AT ALL COSTS.

Ok, look at my business for a second. I own a 2000 Sq foot studio on Highway 2 in Whitby. This facility costs me more than $10,000 per month to run.

NO bullshit.

Now, on top of this incredible amount of money I spend on this business each month, I am also LIMITED by the amount of people I can help because at some point, with only 2000sq ft to play with…


So yes, I run this business the way I run it NOT because it’s going to make me a millionaire (as I have just explained, the numbers just won’t add up)…but I run this business because it’s my goddam duty to be there for YOU.

For our community. 

It’s my responsibility to ensure that I provide the best trainers, the best studio and the best fitness community for Durham Region and help as many local people as possible knowing full well I will never ever be able to sail off into the sunset on my yacht from the profits.

But, and this is where you guys fall into a very ugly trap, there are trainers out there who:

“Just want to help more people”

Now, of course, they don’t want to be bogged down with $10k in bills every month..oh no no. They want to make MORE money than ever before and thus…

…they create an online program that means they can run a training program with VERY LITTLE cost but VERY HIGH profit.

And maybe they are the smart ones and i’m just the dummy with the brick and mortar studio but i’m sorry >>

…thats just not my style.

I want to be right next to you.

I want to be on the end the phone.

I want to be the one that weighs you in, measures your inch loss and I want to be the one that posts incredible photo shoot pictures of you that illustrate your success and strength.

I want to share your joys and your pain and take you by the hand.

And I CAN”T do that online can I? If I was JUST online,  I couldn’t keep the exciting workouts going and I couldn’t ensure you stick to the plan. I couldn’t keep creating new and interesting challenges for you every few months OR let our fitness community join in pay-it-forward challenges like The Cherub Check In Challenge….

If I was online, I would simply take your money and then throw you away. 

So please, before you purchase another online training program or the next Hip Hop Abs DVD set, please remember that you are throwing your money at people who SOLD OUT.

People who will never care about you or your success..

Not like I do.

Now I realize this email is a massive rant and well, to be fair, you may disagree WHOLLY with what I am saying, but I think I needed to let you know that I think you are being duped.

And NO-ONE get’s to dupe my readers without Mama Bear coming out to play.

So, you know whats coming: it’s the link to the test drive 🙂 I just feel that if you have been stuck in the confines of your basement, slaving away to P90X and wanting to smash Tony Horton in the face with a dumb bell…

Then I think it’s time for something new:


Misty RHN

10000 Strong

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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