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Brand spanking new program for noobs.

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This is it…this is what you have been waiting for. Something short term that really and truly will provide massive results in the shortest amount of time possible….yep…

So long 2 week test drives, hellloooooooooo Hour Glass 3 Week Fat Blast.

Ok, let me back up a little and explain a little more about this new option you guys now have for joining 10,000 Strong for a quick and effective 3 week program BEFORE you jump into any of our longer term memberships.

You see, the Hour Glass Fast Challenge that we hosted a couple of months ago was hands down our most effective program ever and clients raved about the simplicity of the program combined with the mega amounts of weight that they all lost in just 3 weeks.

Natalie lost about 13 pounds and so did Ayo. Many others ditched in the region of 8-10 pounds as dropped inches and body fat percentage too.

What made the program so simple was that all your delicious food was carefully pre-programmed for you. Like, every. single. day. you are told what to eat and how to make it. We even made you shopping list so you could be extra prepared for success. The meals are yummy, family friendly and easy to create; many members have now added our HGF recipes into regular dinner time rotation as they got the family thumbs up.

Now, yes, this program does use fasting fat burning principles and so 2 days a week you'll be eating 500 calories which has also been carefully pre-planned for you too. Fasting on 500 calories for 2 independent days per week is NOT dangerous, it's actually a really smart and effective way to burn fat off your body, cure sugar cravings, support faster metabolism and create massive amounts of energy.

On top of this meal plan you will also have access to 45 classes HIIT training classes. These quick 30 minute sessions are designed to focus on increasing your metabolism and helping you build sexy muscle and great cardio endurance.

In short, this 3 week miracle program is like 2 weight loss programs in 1 and all combined into the best 21 days of your life.

So, instead of just inviting you in to "try" boot camp I am now going to be asking for a little more commitment so you actually get something out of your time with us. I don't mind you coming into try us out but it would be 100% better if you were able to alter the course of your life during your trial period.

And so, from this day forward I am going to be offering you 3 week introductory programs in your daily emails. Each program is designed for results within a very short time frame. I don't just want you to come dip your toe in the water, I want you to dive in and never look back..

So, in short, you can start boot camp today with our no-obligation 3 week intro membership program The Hour Glass Fast and you will get:

 – A nutritionist developed fat loss meal plan that focuses on fat loss and fat loss only. Your fat burning switch will be flipped back on so you can burn fat they way your body is supposed to.

– 45 metabolic training boot camp classes per week are yours to enjoy (or hate?) and we encourage you to come as often as you can to ramp up the results of the fasting program.

– Exclusive access to Durham Regions most sought after studio and the ONLY way to get ALL the intense benefits of our rapid fat burn program

– Access to the regions most experienced trainers. The knowledge they hold in just their pinky finger alone will change your body forever. 

– 100% done for you program. All you need to do is show up. All your meals are laid out and all your workouts are prepared for you. This is a FAIL-SAFE program.

– A fantastic introduction to 10,000 Strong and a quick 3 week blitz that will ensure you get maximum results from both boot camp and diet.

Time to level up….are you in?

Simply click here to join us for 3 weeks of fat burning fun and change your body before tank tops are mandatory (introductory discount is include, prices go up soon):

I'm excited to roll out this next chapter of our boot camp because I truly know this program will change lives.

Talk tomorrow

Misty RHN
10,000 Strong

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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