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Brooklin #mompower prevails at boot camp.

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Many of you local ladies know about the infamous Facebook Group called “The Brooklin Mom’s”. It’s an online hangout for many of our members and mothers in our community. It’s a place to ask questions, vent, get opinions or recommendations for local services.

While I don’t follow the group daily, I have used it myself on occasion. Like the time my son had his skateboard stolen from school. All I had to do was post up an image of the skateboard and it was returned to me within 45 minutes…at 10:30pm at night.

WOW right? That’s #mompower right there. I can’t tell you how grateful I was for the vigilance of the mom’s in there that night.

Now recently I was tagged in a post about my boot camp there…a local mom was inquiring about my studio and was looking for recommendations.

I typically try not to do any hardcore selling in these groups as that’s not my style, but if someone has a legit question I will answer is…so I threw up a link and went about my night.

But my phone kept dinging.

Facebook notifications kept coming.

And I started scrolling, I could see that member after member had chimed in on this thread. Emma, Bex, Jen, Gina…immediately jumped on the thread and posted up some 10,000 Strong love.

They wrote:

“I’m a member there , have been for almost 3yrs now and am addicted!!! It’s my home away from home :0)”

“Love 10000 Strong! It has literally changed my life!”

“Best thing I have done for me, and therefore my family, in years… Joining 10,000 strong!”

“Love love love Teresa Misty Mozejko and her fitness tribe”

And look, I promise I don’t pay these ladies to write this stuff, it’s just that I truly believe that they love the boot camp, they love the nutrition program, they love the trainers and workouts and they know, without hesitation that my SOLE PASSION in life is to help people get healthy.

No matter their size, shape, colour, limitation, injury, mental state, age, budget or background.

No matter what I will slave my ass off to offer a program that makes people feel happy with themselves and their strength.

I have pushed myself and my bank account to the breaking point so I can ensure that my studio is constantly evolving, my trainers are paid well, my nutritionist has the best tools.

I have worked for weeks on end to make sure that my members are treated queens (and kings).

I worked tirelessly to make sure that every single challenge I put out there is BETTER than the one before and…..

…Oops, I think I did it again ;0)

The 10,000 Rep Team Challenge has, once again, out-smarted and out-sold out last 3 week challenge.

We have teams flocking in to join us for this epic 3 week journey of fitness and fat loss.

As sickening as it sounds, teams are getting pumped to get to the first place spot (30,000 reps in 21 days) and are getting ready to follow a delicious yet focussed fat loss meal plan.

I really think Durham Region is getting ready to lose the layers and show some glow this Spring.

But the question is…are you ready?

Do you think you could become part of our fitness and nutrition revolution? Can you do 21 days of boot camp and nutrition?

I bet you can.

Ok, here is the link to the webpage where you can find out more and register yourself…

You ready for this?

Talk soon

Misty RHN

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