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Can you handle the pain train?

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I'm going to pick on someone. And I'm going to do it openly because the issue this lady pointed out might be helpful.

You see, I got an email just this morning about the intense level of soreness a new trial client felt after her first workout. 

She actually emailed to tell me that she was so sore from boot camp that she couldn't resume her normal gym activities for the entire rest of the week.

In fact, she was so sore that she decided that boot camp wasn't for her and that not only was she not going to join, she wanted to be removed from my daily emails.

Ok lookit…..the soreness means it worked. The soreness is NOT a bad thing and…

AND!! If you keep coming back, the soreness goes away. 

I mean for sure, after a heavy leg workout or maybe a killer core class, yes, that soreness will come back BUT for the most point the DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) will be a lot less.

The thing is, when you do a 10,000 Strong workout, you end up creating tiny little microscopic tears in your muscles. 

These tears create inflammation and, inflammation hurts!

BUT, as your muscles repair, they repair stronger and bigger. They start to change shape and become more flexible. In fact, your body becomes very good at handling this type of inflammation and thus DOMS is not quite as crippling the next time around.

But sore is good. It means you did something. And as long as you keep coming back, everything will be ok.

To anyone else who does NOT enjoy the discomfort (nay, the crippling pain) of DOMS, all I can say is that it's just one of those things that gets better with time.

I can quite honestly say that we all wear our sore glutes with pride and we would love for you to come and join our merry brigade.

If you are ready to embrace the DOMS (and get a lot bloody stronger for it) you'll need to grab a 2 week test drive first.

Just pop over here and get on the pain train:

C'mon, there's nothing more fun than prodding your sore triceps when you're not looking.

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10,000 Sore.

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